Go into the world and do well.

But more importantly, go into the world and do good.

~ Minor Myers

Founded in 2000, Omni was once a little seed planted with the hope of helping others improve their lives by improving their credit situation.  This desire was based on the idea of deleting or changing negative credit listings on a client’s credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus.  Seventeen years later, the company has grown into a deeply rooted “family” tree that embodies the simple definition of it’s name Omni…a lifestyle.

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               Omni: all : in all ways, places, etc. : without limits

                                                            ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Together, husband and wife team, Derek and Shannon Inkol, know that achieving an optimal credit rating isn’t accomplished by only cleaning up a person’s past, negative credit history.  They know the present and future, also, play very important roles and that’s why they’ve united forces and created a new service called Omni 2.0.  Shannon, whose background is in accounting, heads up this new addition and focuses on credit education, exploration of other options of raising credit scores, acquisition of more credit for the client, budgeting and managing of a client’s finances, and throws in the much needed understanding of price vs value in today’s world and how to get more bang for your buck.

Since 2000, Omni has dedicated itself to helping and changing people’s lives while maintaining its character and integrity in what can be viewed as a shady, high-risk industry.  Derek and Shannon are all about the “experience” and that’s why it’s been important to them in preserving that “down-home” feel with their clients while, also, providing a top-notch service.  Their no-nonsense approach to getting things done is quite different from the normal corporate America credit improvement companies.  They try to break things down as simple as possible and give superior, personalized customer service to each individual client based on their needs.  And, while they’re doing that, they feel more like a relatable, next door neighbor or friend rather than a stuffy know-it-all that’s just wanting to make a quick buck.  Over 90% of all Omni clients come from referrals and therefore, a client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Why should you choose Omni?

If you are in the market to change your past, present, and/or future credit and financial situation and want high quality service with a personal approach, Omni Credit Improvement is the one for you.  Give Derek or Shannon a call.  You’ll be glad you did!

“Improved credit guaranteed since 2000!”


Beach Shutters-114 copy EditDerek Inkol

Owner & President

Derek founded Omni Credit Improvement in 2000 and continues to lead its development and management while providing clients with superior knowledge during critical credit issues. He has been extensively involved in building partner relationships across the United States in the real estate, construction, automobile and legal professions in a pursuit to better understand and overcome the credit challenges of today. Derek also provides credit analysis and consultation and is regarded as a credit expert in the industry.



Beach Shutters-112 - Smaller VersionShannon Inkol

Co-Owner & Vice President

Shannon joined Omni Credit Improvement in 2010 has always worked behind the scenes with normal day-to-day business operations for all logistical aspects of the company.  In 2015, her observation and curiosity about some of Omni’s client’s financial behavior, paired with her accounting background, inspired her to dig further on how she and Derek could serve their clients more. This led to the creation of Omni 2.0, which focuses on the present and future aspects of a client’s finances. 


Beach Shutters-108 copy Smaller VersionWhile not in the office, Derek and Shannon love spending time with their two wonderful children and are blessed to call the beautiful state and beaches of Florida home.  Soaking up the sun, traveling, attending sporting events and concerts, and spending time with friends and family are some of their favorite activities. Shannon, also, loves to tap into her creative side especially through cooking and designing, whether it be putting together a great outfit for a night out to doing arts and crafts with the kids to running her small design shop Studio Ink.