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Is credit repair legal?
Yes it is.  It is your right by law to dispute the questionable negative items on your credit reports (see Fair Credit Reporting Act). The credit bureaus do their best to make consumers believe it is an illegal practice, but they are wrong in doing so. Our credit repair service is 100% legal.


What can you help me with?
Our services include:


1. Raising your credit scores
2. Deleting or changing negative credit history
3. Stopping collection harassment
4. Stopping a current wage garnishment
5. Stopping a foreclosure
6. Stopping bankruptcy violations

What are my responsibilities during the process?
You have THREE very important responsibilities during our credit repair process.


1. Mail or scan/email us a clean copy of: proof of social number and (two) proofs of address (utility bills or bank statement or driver’s license). This is used to prove your identity to all three credit bureaus.
2. Open all of your mail and look for 3 credit reports: Experian, TransUnion, Equifax/CSC.
3. Send us any and all information from the credit bureaus. You will receive credit reports in the mail every 25-45 days. On the very top of those credit reports it will specifically outline the results to our investigations. Once you review the results, mail us those credit reports. When you see deleted or changed credit items you’ll know we are doing our job.

Can I restore my own credit?
It is your legal right to dispute your credit reports. Disputing a credit report is easy, but achieving positive results is not. Dealing with the biggest data reporting agencies in the world is difficult, complex, time consuming, and frustrating. It is not a coincidence that the Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints against the credit bureaus than any other type of business. The credit bureaus will do everything in their power to discourage you from your credit repair efforts. 

With some experience and study, you may be able to do some of what our staff does. It is much like your right as a citizen to represent yourself in court – you have the right, but it probably isn’t smart. Most people look for representation because they are in need of positive results. By utilizing our trusted credit repair process, you are guaranteed results, and you are able to focus on your day to day activities without a dramatic increase in stress.


What are the costs associated with your services?
Omni Credit Improvement has built its reputation on trust and affordability. Each client deserves individual strategies, education and representation. Therefore, we charge $75 to $175 per month depending on you needs. Typically our clients continue to work with us and see deleted or changed credit listings for approximately 6 months or until approximately 50% of the negative credit information improved. We charge retroactively for the services we provide and are in compliance with federal and state law. We will do you work and then charge you 3 to 6 days after.  There are no contracts to sign and you may cancel at any time.


I want to acquire a new home or car loan. How long will it take?
The answer to that question depends on how many points you need to acquire the loan. Some of our clients have the ability to refinance or purchase a new home after only 45-90 days. However, the majority of clients are able to acquire the loan they deserve midway through our credit repair process, which is approximately 3 to 6 months.